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The bagpipe has roots that stretch far beyond Scotland.  Bagpipes were common throughout the British Isles and mainland Europe throughout the Medieval and Rennaisance periods.  Much of that music and history has been forgotten amidst the common perception of bagpipes as an exclusively Scotch-Irish tradition.  I perform authentic Medieval and Rennaisance music in period attire.  I play several instruments crafted by Julian Goodacre including the English Great Pipe, Cornish Double Pipe, Leicestershire Smallpipe and English Double Pipe.

English Double Pipe (Bellows-blown) ca. 17th Century

Cornish Double Pipe ca. 15th Century

Below are a few audio clips of each instrument:


English Great Pipe

Cornish Double Pipe

Leicestershire Smallpipe

English Double Pipe

Leicestershire Smallpipes ca. 14th Century

Hi-Res Press Photos: